Ambulance Scotland Ambulance Service Appoint a new Clinical Governance Advisor

Stephen Hearns

Robert Wilson said : “I am delighted to welcome Dr Stephen Hearns to Ambulance Scotland. He brings a wealth of healthcare experience to his new role as Clinical Governance Advisor. It’s an exciting time for Ambulance Scotland, as we continue to work towards becoming the most advanced Ambulance Service in Scotland, and I’m sure that he will provide the existing team at Ambulance Scotland with excellent clinical leadership.

Stephen has acted as medical officer on seven international expeditions before establishing the first expedition medicine course in the UK. He has previously been an instructor on ATLS, ALS and PALS courses. Stephen finished his training with the London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, developing experience in pre-hospital trauma care and aeromedical evacuation. Attempting to utilise this experience in Scotland, over the past four years he has helped develop the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service.

Stephen has published a number of papers and contributed a few book chapters related to these subjects. He is attracted to the clinical, psychological and physical challenges of retrieval and pre-hospital medical care in demanding remote environments with limited resources.

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